Picking At Skin Statistics

 Picking At Skin Statistics to Show You Your Not The Only One.

Picking at your skin and feel like your alone well you not, Here are some answers to some survey questions I had asked a while ago.

I has asked a group of around 50 skin pickers what causes them to start picking at their skin and how many meals do you eat that are fast or processed junk food. Also asked them how many times did they try to stop. it was interesting to see that skin pickers tried to stop more than 20 times and also that many of the skin pickers wanted to stop because of others either from being embarrassed or feeling unattractive to others.  I have made an INFO – graphic for you to look at below.

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Stop Face Picking – Feel Like Your Face Is Getting Picked Too Much Try To Relieve And Heal Your Face With the Power Of Hemp seed Oil

Stop Face Picking – Feel Like Your Face Is Getting Picked Too Much Try To Relieve And Heal Your Face With the Power Of Hemp seed Oil

Do you feel that you are a stubborn face picker even when consciously telling yourself to stop?

Stop Face Picking

Stop Face Picking Using Hemp Oil

Stop face picking using hemp oil, I know sounds crazy!  This is a skin picking disorder and form of dermatillomania that can be a very bad habit as it can destroy a person’s skin. So I know that it may be hard to believe that some hemp oil may be your savior. Many people with stress and imbalanced diets lacking is essential minerals are candidates for face picking OCD. They may get a light physical compulsion mixed with feelings of not good enough mixed with feelings of wanting to smooth out or pick off imperfections.  Some experts my believe that it is a symptom of OCD, and it is due to needing things to be a certain way or face picking due to being a perfectionist. Again this type of behavior stems from a lack in the diet and imbalance in the body. Now back to the topic of hemp oil it can be taken externally on the skin and face as well as internally taking a couple of tablespoons a night which I will discuss later in this article.

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Picking Of Skin – Stop Picking With Your Own Internal Remedy

 To Stop Picking Your Skin You Must Learn To Make The Unconscious, Conscious.

Picking of Skin

Healing Yourself By Not Focusing On Picking And Focusing On Why You Pick.

Stop picking your skin by making the unconscious, conscious. Let me explain a little on what I mean. Before I taught myself to stop picking I would always have thoughts in the back of my head running rampant. I did not realize at the time that these unknown thoughts that sneak into the subconscious under the radar is whats controlling your life and you are calling it fate.The sooner you realize that your the one causing so much turmoil in your own life the faster you will just drop skin picking all together.

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A Picking Addiction Is Your Bodies Way Of Telling You That It’s Time For Change

Are You Ready To Get Rid Of Skin, Scalp, Lip and or Face Picking Once And For All !!!

Now for a limited time I am offering my complete stop skin picking course at a fraction of the original cost of $49.00     

for the small investment of $19.49



PS: if you are struggling with skin picking this is the book that will help you heal completely from the inside out. There is no other skin picking book out there that comes close to the information that is in this book. I still sell this book for $49.00 and have sold many at $49.00. I wanted to make this book available at $19.49 for everyone to able to afford and access at this low price. Remember this can be taken down at any time so if you are interested now is the time to buy this course.

To Your Success Sophia Brooks

Trichotillomania Treatment – How To Curb Your Hair Pulling Addiction

Trichotillomania Treatment Tips That Can Significantly Reduce Or Stop Trichotillomania Now

DoctorTrichotillomania treatment or even dermatillomania treatment usually doesn’t have a high success rate. Have you been trying to find a good trichotillomania treatment method to help you and had no luck. This article will be a great place to start when looking for treatment options. The tips below will help you to start reducing your urges and finally take control.

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Treatment For Skin Picking – Getting Rid Of Artificial Sweeteners & Sugar Could Have Positive Effect On Skin Picking

treatment for skin pickingGetting Rid Of Artificial Sweeteners Can Be A Good Treatment For Skin Picking, As It Can Be The Main Cause Of Skin Picking As Well As Hair Pulling.

Need a good treatment for skin picking, In short…quit all artificial sweeteners and anything with aspartame. Don’t drink any diet sodas or regular sodas stay away from most all chewing gums and basically anything with a package.  So if you have read a lot of the things written on this blog you will notice that I really am against the terrible quality foods that are in front of us.

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Picking Disorder – Get Rid Of Skin Picking By Getting Rid Of The Need To Change Others

Learn to get rid of your picking disorder by getting rid of the need to try and change others and the world

38TrIf you have a picking disorder of any kind than you possibly worry too much about what other people say and do. Thinking too much about your dislike of someone that’s making you mad will cause you to be in pain. This again causes lots of worry anxiety and stress due to the fact that you cannot change what others do to you. The only thing that  you can change, is your reaction. So when I was trying to stop picking that was one of my main challenges. I would always look for someone to blame for all my problems or feel that if someone or something changed the way I wanted, I would then be happy. Once I stopped, I realized that my reaction to situations was creating a lot of problems.  I started to notice many people around me doing it as well. Most people are worried about who’s getting a divorce, or how bad someone is at parenting etc. Lots of people then feel that they don’t have the time to start evaluating themselves honestly. This article is short cause so many of my articles are so long but this time I wanted you to have time to watch the movie after the article, just start watching it and you wont be able to stop.

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Picking At The Skin – Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits Before Trying To Get Rid Of Skin Picking

If You Want To Quit Picking Your Skin Learn To Focus On Fixing Other Bad Habits First.

picking at skin

To Stop Picking at the skin takes focus

Picking at the skin is now becoming a more common problem. There are a lot of methods and ideas showing different ways to stop picking. The problem is that something that will work for one person wont work for another. I wanted to write about my own personal views on this.                                                                                      As many others including myself have wrote about how unhealthy foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMO-high fructose corn syrup, gluten, medications and/or suppressed emotions can have a significant impact on how strong your urges are to pick.So I thought I would take you through a little breakdown journey of the process of elimination that you can take to know what is causing your skin picking. 

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Dermatillomania Treatment

Dermatillomania Treatment That Causes Anxiety to Give Up Control Over Your Life!

Dermatillomania treatmentWhen starting any kind of Dermatillomania treatment you first will want to address any imbalances in the body as well as mind. Anxiety is one of the main imbalances many skin pickers and hair pullers have.

Anxiety can be anything from a mild feeling of concern about something in your life to a crippling inability to do anything at all. If your anxiety is starting to control your life and keep you from achieving your dreams, it may be time to look into alternative help. Dermatillomania treatment can be as simple as coming up with a personal motto, and repeat it to yourself when anxiety strikes.

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Pick At Skin

Do You Pick At Your Skin, Find Out What Everybody Else Is Saying About This Disorder To Help You Piece Together The Skin Picking Mystery

pick at skinEven if you pick at your skin just a little or severely it is something that you probably want to look into the reason why it happening. I thought that this collection of four articles would help, to see the different perspectives on topics about skin picking. This can help find the reason that you pick by reading about other peoples stories and lives.

In this article I have a few blog posts from other skin pickers that I believe can help in your skin picking journey as well. Below has information that covers, compulsively picking at the face to dermatillomania causes, pick at skin around nails, biting at skin around my fingers and ways to not pick skin off fingers. These different articles and perspectives are just what a person needs that is trying to quit picking.

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Stop Skin Picking

Stop skin picking by reducing Anxiety – Use These 4 Tips To Help

Stop skin pickingIn order to stop skin picking we must fight the deeper problem of stress and anxiety. We live in an uncertain world, and many people suffer from some level of anxiety. These feelings can be the trigger for many to develop a skin picking disorder. While these stressful feelings can accelerate into a serious medical issue, there are some things you can do to prevent your worries from overwhelming you. The information in this article can help reduce your skin picking by first reducing stress and anxiety.

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How To Stop Skin Picking

How To Stop Skin Picking By Mastering Your Mind

how do you stop picking your skin, well a person who picks should first start by leaning to understand and master your own mind. This will make you happy and fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. You already know things you should be doing to teach yourself how to stop skin picking, but you’re not doing it. It’s not a matter of your desire, it’s a matter of your conditioned mind and the power it has over you.

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How to Stop picking

Stop picking with your own internal remedy

Learn how to stop picking with the help of a natural internal anxiety reliever exercise. It will help you greatly to understand how to have no mind, no thoughts, just being in the present moment. A person can start naturally relieving their stress and anxiety by “not” doing as much thinking and over analyzing. It is either a chemical imbalance or emotions that drive you to pick, Lots of people don’t take into consideration that thinking and worrying and stressing too much can cause many negative skin conditions. Emotions can have an impact on your skin. In these and many other ways, the mind and the skin are intimately intertwined.

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Treatment For Skin Problems

Treatment For Skin Problems Using The Mind

Treatments for skin pickingTreatments for skin problems using prescription medications are usually not effective. You want what you crave, and think about. People think and have cravings about skin picking because it makes them feel good. Anything negative that a person believes “makes them feel good” is due to negative conditioning, as well as a host of other factors from lacking from vitamins and minerals and getting poor nutrition daily and past circumstances and or trauma and stress.

If someone is looking there is treatment for skin problems to help them stop skin picking. It often feels that they can’t seem to stop picking skin due to a feeling that is uncontrollable. It is your bodies way of telling them that it is time for a change and re-balance.

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stop picking at skin

Mental Strategies To Stop Skin Picking

Skin picking can be a physically and psychologically distressing condition to live with. Fortunately, however, there are some mental strategies that can help you in your efforts to stop picking your skin.


Most people who have successfully stopped skin picking will say that getting insight into why they started was the first and most important step they took. Lack of awareness about why you are picking your skin helps to maintain the compulsion. Doing some introspection is therefore necessary to achieve a breakthrough in overcoming this destructive habit.

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Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking

Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking is apart of the OCD family and has similar treatment methods

Obsessive compulsive skin picking Obsessive compulsive skin picking has many researchers trying to examine the relation between it and regular obsessive compulsive disorders. Some  believe that a skin picking disorders are comorbid or related with the disorder of OCD. The others claim that a skin picking disorder is a separate disorder and considered as an impulsive disorder. Although they have different approaches, these experts agree that OCD and compulsive skin picking disorders have common points. 

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stop picking skin

 Stop Picking Skin By Asking Your Mind To Change 

How to stop picking at skin“I need to stop picking my skin,” the voice in the back of your head keeps repeating, but yet you continue to have irresistible urges to continue picking. You will find that there are a lot of schools of thought out there on what are the best ways to make your brain realize how to quit picking. Depending on the severity and conditions of the patient’s skin picking compulsion as well as personality. Everybody just needs to look deep inside themselves and try the most efficient way that they feel  suits them the best. Different methods will work for some but not others the main factor is to find what is the root problem driving the picking and stop that and you will stop picking. Easier said than done right, I know.

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Skin picking compulsion

Skin picking compulsion can cost you your free time and your mental sanity

skin picking compulsionSkin picking compulsion is a disorder that gets overlooked and not given much attention. Struggling with an OCD skin picking disorder can escalate into bigger problem down the road. If you are a skin picker you know that you can spend hours picking at your skin, scabs and blemishes. Most people who live with picking urges will usually pick the body parts such as face, fingers, arms and legs, scalp,chest and feet. By the time this behavior becomes a strong addiction it gets harder to teach yourself how to stop picking at your skin. This type of repetitive behavior  makes it hard for wounds to heal and above all they open deeper and more serious ones. 

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Compulsive lip picking

Compulsive lip picking can be the little thing that becomes a big annoyance 

Compulsive lip picking

Compulsive lip picking is a type of skin picking disorder, which is observed as biting, chewing and peeling the skin on lips. Like the other skin picking disorders, patients do not know how to stop their lip picking habit. For them it is an impulse that makes them start up a habit of lip picking. Most of the patients know that they are harming their lips and causing wounds in their mouth and sometimes even teeth. However, their intention to stop lip picking always loses against the obsessive urge or thought of picking. The 3 main factors that cause compulsive lip picking.

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Obsessive Scalp Picking

Obsessive scalp picking will enhance stress and create baldness

obsessive scalp pickingObsessive scalp picking is considered as an obsessive compulsive disorder because of its prognosis. Scalp picking usually begins with scratching the skin on the head. The patients with obsessive scalp picking report that they feel their head is itchy and that is why they scratch their scalp. Although this feeling can have a physical source such as dandruff, eczema or psoriasis, scratching behavior converts into a bad habit. So with picking their scalp they never let that area heal up completely.

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Face Picking Disorder

A face picking disorder is when occasional picking becomes more repetitive and harmful

face picking disorderA face picking disorder is a type of compulsive skin picking. It is observed as picking the acne, blackheads or scabs on the face until bleeding. As the patients never let the acne heal and keeps picking at them, their face becomes red and full of swollen wounds. When the picking behavior occurs on face it is almost impossible to hide it. For this reason it is noticed by the patient’s family and friends at a short time. Compulsive Face picking is usually diagnosed earlier compared to other types of picking.

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OCD Skin Picking

OCD Skin picking has very similar traits to other obsessive compulsive disorders

OCD skin pickingOCD Skin picking is a psychological disorder, which have lots of similar aspects. Although these disorders take place in different sections in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or (DSM), they both have a resembling prognosis. Although a obsessive compulsive skin picking disorder has lots of different types, they all have a common point. All these types begin with a simple thought, which the patient is aware its ridiculous. These thoughts do not leave the patient’s mind and cause an uncontrollable anxiety. By this time the individual develops a OCD skin picking behavior that helps them to calm down the obsessive thought. A skin picking compulsion shows the same prognosis as OCD. The only difference is the compulsive behavior, which is observed as scratching skin, picking acne, lips, scalp, arms and legs.

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Lip picking Habit

A lip picking habit can be caused by stressful and boring situations

lip picking habitA lip picking habit is one of the different types of compulsive skin picking that you can’t hide which can leave people to judge or profile who they assume you are. In this disorder the picking behavior occurs on lips when the skin flakes or gets dry and also usually in times of heavy stress. The main symptoms of compulsive lip picking are chewing and biting the lip, picking the lip and cold sores. Some people also bite the skin inside cheeks and end up with bleeding and wounded mouth. Lip picking a lot of times starts out of boredom continues because of stress and becomes and bad habit cause you have too much on your mind. 

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Compulsive Scalp Picking

Compulsive scalp picking can be triggered by negative experiences and low self esteem 

Compulsive scalp picking Compulsive scalp picking shows that the prevalence of obsessive compulsive disorders is around 4% in this society. Approximately 1% of these patients suffer from a scalp picking disorder, which is a type of OCD skin picking behavior. This disorder can be seen in children, teenagers and adults at any age. The certain reasons of compulsive scalp picking are not exactly known. However, lots of  the studies that are done with these patients show that character features such as low self esteem, negative past experiences, current life problems or any other psychological disorders can be the start of a bad habit of obsessive  scalp picking.

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Compulsive Face Picking

Compulsive face picking starts off so innocently that you don’t realize when it starts to get out of control

compulsive face pickingCompulsive face picking is like other obsessive compulsive disorders, it starts out as an innocent behavior. This behavior becomes a psychiatric problem when the people experience difficulties trying to stop it and when they do try to stop face picking they will get anxiety. The main symptoms of a face picking disorder are picking the blackheads, squeezing pores, picking old scabs and acne on the face, making them bleed, using tweezers or other tools to squeeze the pores.

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Skin Picking Disorder

A skin picking disorder causes you more difficulties than its worth

A Skin picking disorder is classified as an impulsive disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-IV. The main symptoms of compulsive skin picking disorders are:

  • Picking of, scalp, lips, face, hands & fingers, arms and/or legs uncontrollably 
  • Picking acne, wounds or healthy skin 
  • Causing harm like bleeding, cuts, pinches and scabs at the skin 
  • Creating a bald area in the head from picking and peeling the skin on your scalp

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How To Stop Lip Picking

How to stop lip picking by realizing that it never did anything to help you

Stop lip pickingTo learn How to stop lip picking is not ever easy cause it seems harmless and its a obsessive compulsive disorder, which is seen in 2-3 % of the population. Lip picking has lots of common points with obsessive compulsive disorder. To stop the lip picking habit like other skin picking problems you must go back and think when did your habit start.


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Scalp Picking Disorder

Scalp picking disorder is when just itching and plucking have gone too far

Scalp picking disorderScalp picking disorder is considered a form of skin picking. A person can be diagnosed with scalp picking if they are picking the skin on their head compulsively until  it bleeds or is balding due to constant picking of the skin on their scalp. Most patients only scratch their scalp with their nails and pull out the scabs that they caused. However, in advanced scalp picking disorder cases, patients use pointed tools like needle, skewer, scissors, tweezers, etc. These kinds of tools cause more harm to the scalp.

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Compulsive Skin Picking

Compulsive skin picking needs to be taken more seriously for you to start realizing that it is something that you want to stop

Compulsive skin picking is known as a psychological skin picking disorder. The patients with this disorder scratch and start picking at skin compulsively and cause serious harm to their bodies. Because of this reason compulsive skin picking can also be considered as body dysmorphic disorder. These people are usually not happy the way they look and believe that they are ugly. They consider themselves invaluable and have low self-esteem. All these negative feelings just increase the level of compulsive skin picking. They a lot of the times have to learn to notice when you start to pick and be aware of your actions and that is a start.

The prevalence of compulsive skin picking is around 1-2% and most of the patients in this group are between 12-35 years old. Most studies prove that the changes in the body and having acne during adolescence improve the risk of having a skin picking obsessive compulsive disorder. Some people  may have a habit of occasionally skin picking but compulsive skin picking is more than just picking here and there, if you have a problem with CSP you will usually have noticeable red marks and scabs on your choice area to skin pick which is usually the face, arms, legs and scalp.  During this period, teenagers with this problem will usually spend hours in front of the mirror and observe themselves closely. They complain that acne make them appear ugly. Although it is a mistake they believe that picking the wounds and acne will be a good idea to get rid of them. After some time they begin to lose the control and open more serious wounds on their face and skin. Because of this compulsive behavior they never let their wounds heal.

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How To Stop Face Picking

How to stop face picking now, enrolling the help of your family is how you really stop face picking 

Stop face pickingWhen trying to figure out how to stop face picking many patients are convinced that they will never get over their compulsive face picking. For them it needs a huge effort to stop the face picking behavior and they usually do not have that power. These patients already feel tired of repeating the same behavior and being unable to give it up. For that reason the support of the family and friends has an essential role in stopping the face picking behavior. Once family is involved chances are a lot higher of figuring out how to stop face picking in its tracks, depending on the types of family members but people that love you tend to really try overly hard which is usually bad because they can be over bearing. You need people to point out when your picking so your not oblivious to when you pick your face and what triggers it.

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Picking at skin

Picking at skin can be a problem used to cope with another problem

Picking at skin on your arms, legs, scalp, face picking and lip picking are started for reasons such as economical problems, stress at work, unhappy marriage, dissatisfying life style, sudden shocks like loss of a parent, friend or partner. When the individual lives with these problems they may not realize that they use a bad habit to deal with these difficult times. Picking at skin when in negative states will start to weaken their self defense mechanisms and at some point an anxiety disorder and/or depression begins to take control and you become more addicted to picking. The image to the left is usually all that it takes to trigger you to pick after having endured a stressful time or situation. The picture is hard to look at if you have a skin picking problem but it will be used in a exercise that you can try to help weaken your urges picking at skin.

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Skin Picking Treatment

 Skin picking treatment is often times not as difficult as one may think.

Skin picking treatmentSkin picking treatment is necessary when you cant seem to stop it and when you realize that skin picking of any form is the outcome of stress, frustration and anxiety. Psychological problems may show different effects on people. These effects can be observed as problems at work or school, difficulties to go on with daily activities, communication problems with others, etc. Soon or later people find a way to express the conflict that they experience with themselves. Obsessive compulsive skin picking is one of them, which is observed as picking, scratching and causing wounds on the skin.

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Scalp Picking

Scalp picking will only give you short instant gratification and then make you regret doing it.

Scalp picking or a scalp picking disorder is one of the many types of skin picking disorders along with face picking and lip picking. This disorder can be observed in two different ways:

1 – Picking the skin on the headScalp picking

2 – Pulling the hair until creating a bald area on the head

In both types the patients are unable to control this bad habit.

The patients that pick the head skin cause sore areas on their head. Sometimes this disorder begins with just innocently trying to remove stuff from their hair.

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Lip Picking

Lip Picking Is An Unhealthy Habit People Seem To Use To Help Them Cope With The Stress 

Lip PickingLip picking is known as a psychological disorder, which is a type of compulsive skin picking. The reasons of having lip picking disorder depend on people’s characters, experiences, emotional structure and current life conditions. For that reason there can be many factors that trigger picking Lip picking, face picking and scalp pickingdisorders are seen in people who are passing through a tough and stressful time. If they are unable to express their feelings they may end up with this disorder.

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Face Picking

Face Picking Could Really Mean Depression and Stress That Is Coming Out In The Form Of an Unhealthy Habit.

Face picking is a bad habit that becomes compulsive. Their are different reasons for this behavior. Generally people who feel invaluable, depressed and unable to deal with stress factors suffer from this disorder. Many people may feel this way at least once in their life. A face picking disorder is only seen in 2% of the population. oddly enough not very many people use face picking as a way to project their anxiety and release from negative feelings, it is more for cosmetic reasons or struggles with perfectionism.

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