Compulsive lip picking

Compulsive lip picking can be the little thing that becomes a big annoyance 

Compulsive lip picking

Compulsive lip picking is a type of skin picking disorder, which is observed as biting, chewing and peeling the skin on lips. Like the other skin picking disorders, patients do not know how to stop their lip picking habit. For them it is an impulse that makes them start up a habit of lip picking. Most of the patients know that they are harming their lips and causing wounds in their mouth and sometimes even teeth. However, their intention to stop lip picking always loses against the obsessive urge or thought of picking. The 3 main factors that cause compulsive lip picking.

They are: 

  • excessive worry
  • anxiety 
  • stress. 

You sometimes will feel you just do it cause your lips feel flaky and it annoys you but picking your lip usually has another factor such as boredom or stress that keeps you doing it again and again. 

Patients with compulsive lip picking disorders usually have physical and emotional problems because of this disorder. Some of them have difficulties moving forward with their daily life because even the normal activities such as eating, chewing, swallowing, kissing, etc cause pain to them. Because of the sensitive and swollen lips they cannot perform these activities comfortably. When compulsive lip picking comes to this level patients begin to look for methods to stop it.

Compulsive lip picking cessation starts with the right products

To stop compulsive lip picking patients can use some products to heal their lips. Protective lip or chap sticks or creams with antibiotics, jojoba oil, bees wax or lysine will help you deal with the initial cuts and dryness. The creams for herpes are also effective to speed up the healing process. However, the treatment of compulsive lip picking is not only limited with dermatological methods. After applying the creams regularly patients also need to control their compulsive lip picking habits.

Psychological treatment can help the patients who want to stop picking their lips. Controlling the behavior is the main factor that enables an efficient treatment. With correct therapy methods they can learn how to stop lip picking. A lot of what is done in therapy sessions will be to help someone realize the main reason that forces them to pick their lips. (i.e stress, overworked, body image, regret, etc) They will also learn new techniques that will help them to stop their compulsive lip picking behavior such as habit reversal training and learning to notice when you start to pick so then you can be aware of it and not just start lip picking without noticing when you do it. Therapy sessions would aim to show the compulsive lip picking sufferer the connection between the negative thoughts, emotions and compulsive behavior. Some relaxation methods like breathing treatments and Tai Chi and Yoga can help replace when you want to pick. Finding different activities to replace compulsive lip picking and reduce the stress will be the main purpose of psychological treatment. Sometimes the source of lip picking may be more complicated such as trauma, abuse, repressed emotions and experiences. In this case the psychological treatment may last longer. For these cases it will be more important to treat the source disorder first and find the deep bottled up emotions and let them free and choose not to hold on to them.After working on the main disorder it will be very easy to stop or compulsive lip picking will disappear all together.

Compulsive lip picking will not happen if you have strong self discipline and the right rituals that work for you

The main solution to stop compulsive lip picking is trying to focus on different things when the obsessive thought begins to disturb and disrupt your mind. At the beginning it will be more difficult to avoid the tempting feeling, a craving of any kind usually only lasts for about 3 minutes. However, the key factor of getting over compulsive lip picking is self-discipline and control. Patients with lip picking need to motivate themselves mentally that they can do this their are lots of different ways to get your mind strong again you just have to want it in the beginning. Normally people with lip picking disorders show weakness when it comes to controlling the compulsive lip picking behavior during stress, worry and thinking of the past. However, they have to remember that they are the only one who can stop this. With social support and self motivation and eating a proper diet and using proper detox methods you can stop skin picking.

It usually always comes down to the way you balance out all the factors in your life, get rid of regret and worry and try to limit your stress, start to eat better and get exercise and proper sleep and start to confront all your problems head on and you will watch your problems disappear as well as your compulsive lip picking


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