Obsessive Scalp Picking

Obsessive scalp picking will enhance stress and create baldness

obsessive scalp pickingObsessive scalp picking is considered as an obsessive compulsive disorder because of its prognosis. Scalp picking usually begins with scratching the skin on the head. The patients with obsessive scalp picking report that they feel their head is itchy and that is why they scratch their scalp. Although this feeling can have a physical source such as dandruff, eczema or psoriasis, scratching behavior converts into a bad habit. So with picking their scalp they never let that area heal up completely.

Compulsive scalp picking becomes a big problem in the patient’s life when it is not treated. These patients tend to hide this compulsive behavior from others. So they prefer to be alone and lose some of their friends and social life. Also they perfectly know that scalp picking is not a healthy habit. However, for them it is like an impulse that is very difficult to ignore.

Obsessive scalp picking can cause your hair to fall out even if you don’t pull it

Sometimes obsessive scalp picking may be observed as picking scalp skin that also pulls out hair and creates a significant bald area on the head. In some cases the disorder can begin with just picking the scalp and making that area sore. Some patients begin to pull their hair on this area to make the picking easier. That way they create a bald and sore area on their head. 

Some of the patients with obsessive scalp picking also report that their hair falls out and  they do not intentionally pull it. The area that they pick becomes more sensitive and harmed. Therefore, the skin cells on this area cannot heal properly and they become weaker. In this case although the patients do not pluck their hair, the hair falls down on its own. The hair that falls out can cause you to stress and gain other problems and then you have to learn to stop lip picking, face picking and/or skin picking.

Obsessive scalp picking will cause negative reaction to chemicals in shampoo

The treatment process of obsessive scalp picking has similarities with any other OCD treatment. First step should be treating the scalp with a dermatological approach. As the scratched part is very delicate the chemicals in the shampoo, hair mousse or any other hair products will burn this area. So until this area heals up completely the patients should not use any of these products. They have to use the special hair products and creams  that are specially formulated to heal your scalp.

A psychological treatment is a must in the treatment process of obsessive scalp picking. Depending on their needs they can take some medication that are also used in OCD treatment. The hormone balance has an essential role in developing psychological disorders. Although most of the psychological disorders are based on personality features and social factors, these facts directly affect the hormone system in human body. So the obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors create different hormonal balance, which gives the uncomfortable feeling to the patients. The medication that is used in obsessive scalp picking aim to regulate this hormonal system and put everything back into normal. Even though the medication will speed up the healing process it is not a must. Some patients may prefer not to take medication and use their self motivation or holistic alternative methods to get over their problem. With psychotherapy or counseling sessions or alternative holistic herbs and minerals you can learn how to control obsessive scalp picking.

Whatever way you decide to use to heal your scalp picking always just remind yourself that you could end up with a bald spot if you continue with your obsessive scalp picking



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