Picking Of Skin – Stop Picking With Your Own Internal Remedy

 To Stop Picking Your Skin You Must Learn To Make The Unconscious, Conscious.

Picking of Skin

Healing Yourself By Not Focusing On Picking And Focusing On Why You Pick.

Stop picking your skin by making the unconscious, conscious. Let me explain a little on what I mean. Before I taught myself to stop picking I would always have thoughts in the back of my head running rampant. I did not realize at the time that these unknown thoughts that sneak into the subconscious under the radar is whats controlling your life and you are calling it fate.The sooner you realize that your the one causing so much turmoil in your own life the faster you will just drop skin picking all together.

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Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking

Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking is apart of the OCD family and has similar treatment methods

Obsessive compulsive skin picking Obsessive compulsive skin picking has many researchers trying to examine the relation between it and regular obsessive compulsive disorders. Some  believe that a skin picking disorders are comorbid or related with the disorder of OCD. The others claim that a skin picking disorder is a separate disorder and considered as an impulsive disorder. Although they have different approaches, these experts agree that OCD and compulsive skin picking disorders have common points. 

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Skin picking compulsion

Skin picking compulsion can cost you your free time and your mental sanity

skin picking compulsionSkin picking compulsion is a disorder that gets overlooked and not given much attention. Struggling with an OCD skin picking disorder can escalate into bigger problem down the road. If you are a skin picker you know that you can spend hours picking at your skin, scabs and blemishes. Most people who live with picking urges will usually pick the body parts such as face, fingers, arms and legs, scalp,chest and feet. By the time this behavior becomes a strong addiction it gets harder to teach yourself how to stop picking at your skin. This type of repetitive behavior  makes it hard for wounds to heal and above all they open deeper and more serious ones. 

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