Compulsive Scalp Picking

Compulsive scalp picking can be triggered by negative experiences and low self esteem 

Compulsive scalp picking Compulsive scalp picking shows that the prevalence of obsessive compulsive disorders is around 4% in this society. Approximately 1% of these patients suffer from a scalp picking disorder, which is a type of OCD skin picking behavior. This disorder can be seen in children, teenagers and adults at any age. The certain reasons of compulsive scalp picking are not exactly known. However, lots of  the studies that are done with these patients show that character features such as low self esteem, negative past experiences, current life problems or any other psychological disorders can be the start of a bad habit of obsessive  scalp picking.

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Scalp Picking Disorder

Scalp picking disorder is when just itching and plucking have gone too far

Scalp picking disorderScalp picking disorder is considered a form of skin picking. A person can be diagnosed with scalp picking if they are picking the skin on their head compulsively until  it bleeds or is balding due to constant picking of the skin on their scalp. Most patients only scratch their scalp with their nails and pull out the scabs that they caused. However, in advanced scalp picking disorder cases, patients use pointed tools like needle, skewer, scissors, tweezers, etc. These kinds of tools cause more harm to the scalp.

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Scalp Picking

Scalp picking will only give you short instant gratification and then make you regret doing it.

Scalp picking or a scalp picking disorder is one of the many types of skin picking disorders along with face picking and lip picking. This disorder can be observed in two different ways:

1 – Picking the skin on the headScalp picking

2 – Pulling the hair until creating a bald area on the head

In both types the patients are unable to control this bad habit.

The patients that pick the head skin cause sore areas on their head. Sometimes this disorder begins with just innocently trying to remove stuff from their hair.

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