Skin picking compulsion

Skin picking compulsion can cost you your free time and your mental sanity

skin picking compulsionSkin picking compulsion is a disorder that gets overlooked and not given much attention. Struggling with an OCD skin picking disorder can escalate into bigger problem down the road. If you are a skin picker you know that you can spend hours picking at your skin, scabs and blemishes. Most people who live with picking urges will usually pick the body parts such as face, fingers, arms and legs, scalp,chest and feet. By the time this behavior becomes a strong addiction it gets harder to teach yourself how to stop picking at your skin. This type of repetitive behavior  makes it hard for wounds to heal and above all they open deeper and more serious ones. 

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Skin Picking Disorder

A skin picking disorder causes you more difficulties than its worth

A Skin picking disorder is classified as an impulsive disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM-IV. The main symptoms of compulsive skin picking disorders are:

  • Picking of, scalp, lips, face, hands & fingers, arms and/or legs uncontrollably 
  • Picking acne, wounds or healthy skin 
  • Causing harm like bleeding, cuts, pinches and scabs at the skin 
  • Creating a bald area in the head from picking and peeling the skin on your scalp

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Compulsive Skin Picking

Compulsive skin picking needs to be taken more seriously for you to start realizing that it is something that you want to stop

Compulsive skin picking is known as a psychological skin picking disorder. The patients with this disorder scratch and start picking at skin compulsively and cause serious harm to their bodies. Because of this reason compulsive skin picking can also be considered as body dysmorphic disorder. These people are usually not happy the way they look and believe that they are ugly. They consider themselves invaluable and have low self-esteem. All these negative feelings just increase the level of compulsive skin picking. They a lot of the times have to learn to notice when you start to pick and be aware of your actions and that is a start.

The prevalence of compulsive skin picking is around 1-2% and most of the patients in this group are between 12-35 years old. Most studies prove that the changes in the body and having acne during adolescence improve the risk of having a skin picking obsessive compulsive disorder. Some people  may have a habit of occasionally skin picking but compulsive skin picking is more than just picking here and there, if you have a problem with CSP you will usually have noticeable red marks and scabs on your choice area to skin pick which is usually the face, arms, legs and scalp.  During this period, teenagers with this problem will usually spend hours in front of the mirror and observe themselves closely. They complain that acne make them appear ugly. Although it is a mistake they believe that picking the wounds and acne will be a good idea to get rid of them. After some time they begin to lose the control and open more serious wounds on their face and skin. Because of this compulsive behavior they never let their wounds heal.

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