Picking At Skin Statistics

 Picking At Skin Statistics to Show You Your Not The Only One.

Picking at your skin and feel like your alone well you not, Here are some answers to some survey questions I had asked a while ago.

I has asked a group of around 50 skin pickers what causes them to start picking at their skin and how many meals do you eat that are fast or processed junk food. Also asked them how many times did they try to stop. it was interesting to see that skin pickers tried to stop more than 20 times and also that many of the skin pickers wanted to stop because of others either from being embarrassed or feeling unattractive to others.  I have made an INFO – graphic for you to look at below.

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Sophia Brooks

My name is Sophia Brooks, I help others learn how to stop picking their skin naturally, heal your mind and body and deal with stress anxiety and old past emotions.

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Picking At Skin

Picking At Skin Due To Uncontrollable Urges

Picking at the skin due to uncontrollable urges or crawling sensations can be caused by many factors. It seems that many don’t pick because of just OCD, perfectionism and Abuse. They also pick due to uncontrollable urges that are either caused by the mind playing tricks or something like medications reacting badly or a person may not be getting enough of something and too much of another. picking at skin because of physical urges requires a little investigating on the patients part.

For example:

Look at any changes that happened before or around the time the Picking At Skin urges
all started. Was it when you turned a certain age, when you moved to different place,
started taking a medication, you were abused in some way or started getting bad
anxiety. Once you pin point a difference that happened start to look at what you did differently.

For example: Started taking a medication to help you and ever since you have been
taking the medication it has potentially caused another problem such as urges that
make a person feel the need to start picking at their skin.

Picking At Skin Can Be A Result Of Not Investigating Ones Life

If you notice that there is something wrong start to investigate. Find out what you 
can change right now and start researching just one thing at a time and see it
through to completion. The best place to start is to take action doing one subtle
change such as taking natural herbs instead of medications. or weening yourself safely 
off medications and then starting a detox.

A person who picks at their skin could start Working on anxiety by incorporating
meditation into their daily routine. A lot of times daily stress and poor diet and
sleep patterns added with medications that have so many side effects that they are
not beneficial can very likely cause a negative reaction such as picking at skin.
There are no medications that effect everyone in the same way. Just as certain foods
and drinks effect others differently. A person should take into account their race,
if their ethnicity is prone to certain types of problems. Look into what natural
alternatives their are to heal those conditions.

If your not taking medications and eating a proper diet of fresh vegetables and fruits
and certain lean meats such as cod, salmon and chicken or Tuna and also get exercise 
but still have urges chances are that you need to be detoxed fully. Due to a toxic
build up that hasn’t left your body with medications can cause a uncontrollable urge
to pick. If you feel that you have done everything try juicing fresh beet, kale,
celery, carrot, apple, pineapple juice. You can drink separate or combine them.
drinking fresh vegetable juice is really important due to the abundance of natural
healing properties that vegetables have.

Picking At Skin Can Be Stopped If The Person Is Willing To Try New Things


If you don’t feel that you can get yourself to drink juice daily for a couple of
weeks to detox, the only other good natural way is the lemonade and maple syrup
cleanse. This is done using fresh lemons and real grade A maple syrup and a little
cayenne pepper. Then after drinking about 8 glasses a day for about 9 days then you
would drink a salt water cleanse and it will safely clean and cleanse out all the
toxins. You need to follow the real master cleanse book to safely do this cleanse
without having problems. I explain this in exact step by step detail along with many
more natural health secrets to help you stop skin picking by eliminating the toxins
in your mind and body. In My book “A picking addiction is your bodies way of telling
you that it’s time for change.” You will also find all the exercises and natural
ways to rid yourself of mental, emotional and physical toxins and other natural
remedies that you can take to re-mineralize naturally and keep yourself healthy and
pick free for the rest of your life.If a person who picks is feeling anxiety as well it could be a problem that needs to be looked into and researched by the skin picker.


Anxiety or Panic Symptoms can result from:

  • Endocrine conditions ( such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, pheochromocytoma, hypoglycemia, hyperadrenocorticism
  • Cardiovascular conditions (such as congestive heart failure, pulmonary embolism, arrhythmia)
  • Respiratory conditions (such as pulmonary disease, pneumonia, hyperventilation)
  • Metabolic conditions (such as vitamin deficiency, porphyria)
  • Neurological conditions (such as epilepsy, neoplasms, vestibular dysfunction, encephalitis)

All of the problems above can be solved with:

  1. Proper detox 
  2. Proper diet
  3. Proper mental exercises (like mediation and Tai Chi). 

All these problems above can also lead the average person to start taking medications and those medications can lead to side effects (like crawling sensations or urges to pick at skin), sleep disorders, eating poorly or eating a lot of something that may be negatively impacting your health. This is why it is so important to try to heal yourself naturally, either do the research slowly on the internet or you can learn to be your own doctor and diagnose and treat your own problems with the natural mental and physical remedies for skin picking book I discussed above.

After a person has found the way to detox themselves the next step would be to start eating all the right kinds of foods that help them balance the imbalance.

For example:

  • Try to adopt a habit of eating way more green vegetables and less red meat potentially - If a person ate steak and eggs a potatoes all the time.
  • Then try getting exercise or physical movement in the sun - if always inside.
  • Try Getting more vitamins from fresh healthy foods and taking mineralsIf the feeling of low energy is making it hard to stop picking at skin.
  • Get some regular exercise and keep brain active - If there is a lot of sitting around and watching T.V.

After doing this the crawling sensations or urges would be dramatically reduced if
not completely eliminated. If they are still present it is a mind problem of past
emotions that have not been properly let go.

If a person wants to let go of a negative emotion the best ways are through mediation 
yoga or Tai Chi. If you can not find time for any of those things just sitting and
thinking of nothing but the present moment while on break or at home will do wonders
in the beginning. The hardest part is doing it for more than a couple of days and not
then just quitting. When thinking about nothing you will be strengthens your
connection with your inner self and the better the connection the better your life
will be.

A lot of times the answer is right in front of us but until we quiet down the voice, 
monkey mind or chatter as they say, you will never be able to fix your problems. You
will only be able to compound your problems further. When you don’t stop thinking and
take time to realize that you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions and
you should not take the burden and carry something that was not yours to begin with.

Emotions and thoughts come into everyone’s mind and it’s how you react to them and how you use emotional intelligence and self discipline that changes how it effects your
body. You are like a car and a thought is like the driver. If the driver does
something negative the car will to. If the driver is not allowed in the car cause they
are locked out the car will no longer be put in bad situations. Soon you will
pre-screen thoughts and only allow the ones that you want and block the ones that you

A person just has to keep trying and slowly it will become a habit. once their 
thoughts and life start to balance they will without knowing all together dropped the urge to pick at their skin.

Sophia Brooks

My name is Sophia Brooks, I help others learn how to stop picking their skin naturally, heal your mind and body and deal with stress anxiety and old past emotions.

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Stop Skin Picking

Stop Skin Picking By Reducing Your Stress And Anxiety.

Learning to stop skin picking can be easy if you learn to deal with your anxiety and stress. A lot of skin pickers think to themselves “how do I get rid of my acne” or “how do I stop picking the sores in my scalp” or “how do I stop picking at a scab etc. The external scabs or acne is not the main problem. Your problem is not that you need to learn how to simply stop picking. People that pick skin need to learn to control the root problem. The root problem is usually stress and anxiety that causes this body focused repetitive behavior. When you focus your treatment on the root problem you will find that your skin picking, acne, dry skin, chewing on your nails or picking your scalp is nothing more than a symptom of to much stress and anxiety.

What is compulsive skin picking?                                                                                                 In short is a variation of an obsessive compulsive disorder.  

What is obsessive compulsive?                                                                                          It is defined in short as abnormalities with serotonin. It is not known whether it is a cause or an effect of OCD and of a skin picking disorder. Serotonin is said to have a role in regulating anxiety. 

Depression can also be a result of low serotonin levels. This brain chemical is a part of the process in the brain that help regulate mood and reduce anxiety and pain levels.

  • If serotonin is a factor in your depression then it may help to add a supplement with 5 HTP. Many neurotransmitters work to influence mood, serotonin is one of the most important. It’s levels are influenced by external factors, such as sunlight, diet and exercise.

When You Reduce Anxiety and Stress You Inadvertently Teach Yourself To Stop Skin Picking 

Slowly take time and start to learn how to control your subconscious mind or the monkey mind. This is the mind that is always repeating negative things or limiting thoughts. You repeat thoughts such as thinking of a acne blemish as gross and ugly or feel lumps on the scalp and then thinking that you must remove it now. Instead of picking at blemishes you can significantly reduce your urges by doing many of the techniques below. Using specific powerful mental exercises you can also clear out bottled up emotions which is the main contributor to stress. To do these things you don’t need self hypnosis or hypnotherapy. This is mainly achieved through balance of your body and mind where proper meditation and Tai Chi and Yoga techniques are crucial for reducing anxiety and stress. Just reading these alone wont help reduce stress and anxiety. You need to try the things below and take action for a consistent amount of time.

When Trying To Teach Yourself to Stop Skin Picking You Should Try Doing Some Of The Activities Below That Can Really Help Diminish Anxiety

Teaching yourself to stop skin picking can be easier with the right tools. Below I have given examples of  a few different ways to reduce your stress and anxiety and most importantly start to train yourself to stop skin picking the natural way. If you try a few of the things on this list and really do it, you will be surprised at the calming effect they all have. If done properly these activities below work when you have Dermatillomania by slowing down and some times stopping urges.

  • Exercise

Not everybody knows they need to exercise when trying to stop skin picking. Few things can help you relax better than exercise. Aerobic exercise will release endorphin’s and increase serotonin, thereby improving your mood, eliminating tension and giving you a natural high. That natural high can be enough for some people to use to replace the urge to pick. Exercise can help you strengthen your self esteem and self discipline and use that calming effect to be able to teach yourself how to stop skin picking. Exercise can also be effective with overcoming other problems like helping to curb your urges to stop other similar compulsions of ocd, stop scalp picking or picking at scalp and hair, stop lip picking and stop face picking.

  •  Meditate.

Stop skin picking much faster by taking at least ten minutes out to clear your mind of worries.                                                                                                                                        

If you can you goal is to meditate:

  • Before you start your day 
  • In the middle of you day
  • At the end of your day. 

In theory you are supposed to meditate for a min for every year you are old, so if you are 30 yrs old your goal should be to meditate for 30 minutes daily. If you have trouble doing it alone, try using guided meditations or using binural beats or solfeggio tones or even isochronic tones they can be helpful to get your mind in a state of alpha. This is where your mind goes in deep meditation. Concentrating on your breathing is a powerful way to promote inner calmness.

You want to be able to breath in using your diaphragm (lower stomach ) or “tan tien” as they call it.

  • The way to breath using your stomach is to start expanding or pushing out your belly when breathing in.
  • You then want to start contracting or sucking in your belly on the out breath.

 Only focus on breathing in the beginning don’t worry too much about counting breaths, the main focus is that you have a clear mind or no mind as Tai Chi practitioners will tell you. You need to be completely relaxed and have no mind, no thoughts of future or past. Meditation is just fully being in the present moment. At first you will only be able to do this for a second or two without a thought trying to barge in. Be patient and continue to try daily and you will get more and more comfortable sitting and breathing and not thinking of anything. As you breath using the belly your benefits are your organs get massaged and your fascia on the outside of muscles gets stretched. This is all good for them and you can obtain bigger and fuller deeper breaths that will help to reduce the stress and anxiety that is blocking your mind from making correct decisions. Meditation will dramatically help you learn to use self discipline to teach yourself over time to stop skin picking.

  •  Use Yoga.

Yoga is very effective for people who need to feel results the first day. While meditation is very powerful some have a hard time doing it daily due to lack of patients. Yoga can become a stretching meditation and instantly you feel better after stretching your body and opening up areas that you have not before, can make you feel good. When you feel good, that feeling will reduce the thought that you are stressed and also reducing the feeling of not accomplishing anything or anxiety which helps a lot when your trying to stop skin picking. Yoga can be learned on a DVD or with instructors or just try a few of the stretches people put up for free on the internet.

  • Tai Chi

Tai Chi goes really deep and can take care of any problem that you may have such as learning to stop skin picking. The only problem is Tai Chi takes lots of years of practive to master and until then you can be very frustrated. So the best thing to do is take it slow with Tai Chi and follow proper movements and techniques. A good Tai Chi practitioner would be good to learn from when trying to do this very complex art. If you can’t find a Tai Chi master in your area try finding the right master willing to teach and/or sells a video to learn Tai Chi online. Doing Tai Chi wrong can discourage you from wanting to do it at all. Once you learn how to do Tai Chi properly there is a whole other mental internal part that goes with Tai Chi which not a lot of people know about, it is known as Qi gong and it involes mainly internal practice.

  • Take a Break

Stop skin picking by forcing yourself to take a break, do something pleasant that is completely unrelated and try something new if possible. Learn to also enjoy that break to the fullest and try to learn to make yourself relax. If you have to lay on the floor and do nothing just make sure you actually relax and not just take a break and then stress out about ways to stop skin picking and how you can’t find the best fastest way to quit. Just relax and let the answer come to you naturally.

  • Slow down

Most people when they get anxious do everything fast, so intentionally slow down your movements, and the speed at which you are doing things. Doing this is similar to Tai Chi moving your body slower and realizing that you need to move as one not just move your arm or leg but the whole body moves when doing any movements. Be conscious of the way you move and try to focus on doing it slower.

  • Talk slowly

Speak at 50% of the speed at which you were talking before, with frequent pauses in between sentences. this can teach you to slow your constant monkey mind
thinking and actually think about what your going to say before you say it.

  • Think slowly

This is usually effective while you are taking a break. Slow down your subconscious mind when its racing around with worries, try remembering a calming memory, situation or person. Try to even think of mentors or people you look up to and what they would do to stop picking at skin.

  • Don’t think of the past or the future

To stop skin picking you really need to have a basic understanding on how to live in the “now”. People are always wanting to escape their current situation, but the current situation is all you really have, Instead of doing your best in the situation you are given, you might find yourself dwelling on the past or hoping and wishing and anticipating the future. Living life in the future creates anxiety and living life in the past creates regret and both of those emotions equal skin picking. Learn to live in the “now” and just be in the moment,  Don’t just stop thinking and mindlessly just do whatever, you need to also take guided action and use your intuition. So for example if you learn to observe and not let thoughts run your mind, eventually you will hear the correct thought that will come in your mind to answer whatever problem you may be facing. The answer will come as a hunch or a idea in your mind just use your gut and if it feels good go with it. Also just ask yourself is this the idea I should use for my problem, wait and see if you feel good or bad about the idea. If you feel good try to take action and in the process you will usually end up strengthening your will power and self discipline to stop skin picking.

  • Let go of the need for control over events

You can’t control the everything that happen to you; you can only change your response to those events. Focus on what you can do, rather than what is not in your power to do. Also you will find that if you don’t fight the situations that are presented to you, sometimes you will gain much more than you might have thought from the experience and that could be a moment that will change your life forever that was disguised as a bad situation in life.

  • Laughter

Stop skin picking using laughter. Laughing releases endorphin’s. Try to hang out with the people who make you laugh or watch one of your favorite comedies. Do something that you find goofy that’s out of your comfort zone.

  • Limit caffeine

Caffeine is a unnaturally strong stimulant and adds existing anxiety. It will also add to later stress so if possible try to not drink as much or any.

  • Drink green tea

Green tea contains theanine, an amino-acid which improves mood and reduces arousal. It also has many antioxidants that help with lowering blood pressure, helping to regulate blood sugar in diabetics, helps strengthen bones, helps brain functions and liver and many types of cancers. The health value you get from drinking tea will help you to feel good about yourself and help you to stop skin picking. A good way to make tea is buy bulk whole leaf teas and get a good tea ball or tea pot such as the “IngenuiTEA” from Adagio which is under $30 and makes wonderful whole leaf tea very fast and convenient. One thing to watch out for is the tea bags at stores and miracle green tea products. If you just get whole leaf tea you  are getting way more beneficial antioxidants and nutrients than you would from the tea bags. Then all you need is to get a water boiler and a temperature gauge. Then just boil your water and pour it in a cup and make sure to check the temperature wait until it gets down to around 160-180 degrees (depending on preference and type of green tea)  before you steep your green tea in it. If you don’t let the water cool down you will burn the leaves and it will taste bitter and be undrinkable to most.

  • Use herbal supplements

If you’re into natural remedies you may want to consider taking some herbal supplements like Valerian root, Passion flower or St john wort. These were extensively used in the Middle Ages as natural tranquilizers. 

  •  Get a massage

Effectiveness of this strategy depends on the skill of the masseuse. You can also use self-massage or the EFT movements. Really if you have tight muscles and somone rubs them they will feel better, so if all else fails and you can’t get a professional, a massage of any kind will really help to relieve tight stressed knotted up muscles. This will help stop skin picking by reducing your stress.

  • Have a variety

Try not to get stuck doing the same routine over and over again try to change things up a little bit and try eating somthing new, going somewhere else for vacation, trying to dress differently, try a new hobby, learn a new skill, hang out with different people. All these things have a positive impact when you try to stop skin picking. 

  • Work at simple chores

Washing up the dishes to gardening, vaccuming, cleaning the garage, clearing things away these are not easy to get your self to do but once they are done they can make you feel better.

  • Spend time with a pet

When trying to stop skin picking walking your dog or focusing on your pet’s needs is a useful distraction from worry. It also tends to release endorphin’s. You will also probably get a laugh or two from your pet if you just watch how he spends his day. Animals can be very helpful and inspiring cause they have to live here to and deal with problems and they just keep on going and that sometimes is enough motivation for you to keep going as well.

  •  Avoid people who help put more fuel on the fire

If you are indulging in worry yourself then you need to avoid other people who enable this thinking and who worry and exaggerate problems, have doom & gloom opinions, or who keep asking you “whether you are going to be ok?” These types of things will not help and you need someone who has a strong personality that doesn’t make you believe more bad negative things that don’t help.

  • Play music that inspires you

Now if you didn’t already know music can be a powerful endorphin release. You can easily stop skin picking or reduce picking while your listening to your favorite song that really inspires you. Try to get as many as you can find on a mp3 player so you can listen to those songs when ever your feeling stressed or anxious and they can be incredibly impowering and soothing in your quest to stop skin picking. If you have to keep listening to one song over and over again cause it helps you not pick, do what ever it takes.

  • Ask for help

Don’t hold back from asking people for help if you have too many irons in the fire. Anxious people usually have thoughts which dictates them to not ask for a help as it is a sign of weakness. Do not make that mistake very strong people ask for help.

  • Use the word ‘No’ more often

If you find yourself stressed and have too many things to do you need to prcatice saying no to the things that you don’t want to do so that you don’t feel stressed or anxious when you have to fufill your commitment.

  • Take action now not later

If you don’t take any action you will always be in the same place where you started, so try for 10 minutes a day at first just try to do a couple of things on this list and see how much it helps and do different things if the stuff you try at first does not work. Just by getting things done that you needed to accomplish, instead of putting them off, will re-condition your mind to stop picking

 By Doing These Techniques It Will Create A Feeling Of Completion Which Will Again Reduce Anxiety And Help You To Stop Skin Picking.


Sophia Brooks

My name is Sophia Brooks, I help others learn how to stop picking their skin naturally, heal your mind and body and deal with stress anxiety and old past emotions.

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